Alt Scoops Cappuccino Crunch



About the flavor. Smooth but with a kick. Creamy with a crunch. A cappuccino always has good balance of milk and espresso. Ours has Italian Arabica Espresso beans and Oat Milk. Add in a little bittersweet Auro Cacao Nibs coated in 64% Auro Couverture Chocolate & , and the flavour is truly something else. Topped with a chocolate swirl, enjoy every scoop like you do a freshly brewed cup of joe!

Made with Italian Arabica Espresso + Oatly! Oat Milk + Auro Cacao Nibs coated in 64% Auro Couverture Chocolate

* Size. 1 pint / 454ml 
* Net Weight. 300g 

* Features. 
Vegan & Dairy-Free.
* Allergens. 
May contain traces of soy.

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